My master had packed the car with suitcases, wife and children – and then I suddenly found myself in the back – where was I going – I was excited to know, with my nose out the window picking up every scent I could as we drove away from home and headed south out of London.

We soon came to a country retreat where my master drove into a ‘village square’ and we parked. The rear door opened and I was taken out. I was greeted by a mild mannered man in a hat. It turned out I was having my own surprise holiday whilst my family went overseas.

I was soon ensconced in my own spacious kennel and within a few hours I had got to know some of the other residents.

We all enjoyed the spacious grass paddocks and I was soon enjoying walks through the meadows and woodland, picking up the scents of wildlife and flowers.

Before I knew it my master and family returned and seemed extremely disappointed in one way , in that I had not missed them, but on the other hand very pleased that I had come out wagging my tail, wanting to have fun and wishing to have another holiday soon.