My mistress had put me into my carrying case and I was fearful that I was going to that person she called VET.
I was soon travelling in the countryside.
The car stopped.
The mistress got me out and I was soon introduced to a mild mannered man in a hat, who carried me to the “Cat’s Whisker” and I soon realised I was having my own vacation.
I had my own room and run with views over nearby fields. I could watch birds and other wildlife running through the grass.
We were fed morning and afternoon and he even came to see us at night to check on us – I was soon relishing the relaxation.
Everytime we were fed the man talked to me and the other residents and kept me abreast of the weather, news and other local happenings.
I was very happy in my snug room, and suddenly there was my mistress wishing to take me home. I was happy about that, although I certainly want to return to this lovely lifestyle holiday.

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